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Recent papers

Qiang Yang, Jianqing Ding*, Evan Siemann . Biogeographic variation of distance‐dependent effects in an invasive tree species . Functional Ecology . 2019   : DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.13306

Mingxiao Di, Xiaoning Liu, Wenfeng Wang, Jun Wang* . Manuscript prepared for submission to environmental toxicology and pharmacology pollution in drinking water source areas: Microplastics in the Danjiangkou Reservoir, China . Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology . 2019   65 : 82–89

XiaoningLiu, WenkeYuan, MingxiaoDia, ZhenLi, JunWang* . Transfer and fate of microplastics during the conventional activated sludge process in one wastewater treatment plant of China. . Chemical Engineering Journal . 2019   362 : 176-182

Minghui Yan, Peter W. Fritsch, Michael J. Moore, Tao Feng, Aiping Meng, Jing Yang, Tao Deng, Congxiao Zhao, Xiaohong Yao, Hang Sun*, Hengchang Wang* . Plastome phylogenomics resolves infrafamilial relationships of the Styracaceae and sheds light on the backbone relationships of the Ericales. . Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution . 2018   121 : 198-211

Yang Xianpeng, Wang Zhouya, Feng Tao, Li Juanjuan, Huang Longyu, Yang Baiming, Zhao Huayan, Jenks Matthew, Yang Pingfang, Lü Shiyou* . Evolutionarily conserved function of the sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) CER2-LIKE family in very-long-chain fatty acid elongation . Planta . 2018   248 : 715-727

Zhang Lingling,Wu Pan, Lu Wenying, Lü Shiyou* . Molecular mechanism of the extended oil accumulation phase contributing to the high seed oil content for the genotype of tung tree (Vernicia fordii). . BMC Plant Biology . 2018   18 : 248

Sun YX, Moore MJ, Landis JB, Lin N, Chen L, Deng T, Zhang JW, Meng AP, Zhang SJ, Tojibaev KS, Sun H*, Wang HC* . Plastome phylogenomics of the early-diverging eudicot family Berberidaceae . Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution . 2018   128 : 203-211

Lin N, Deng T, Moore MJ, Sun YX, Huang XH, Sun WG, Luo D, Wang HC*, Zhang JW*, Sun H*. . Phylogeography of Parasyncalathium souliei (Asteraceae) and its Potential Application in delimiting phylogeoregions in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau (QTP)-Hengduan mountains (HDM) Hotspot . Frontiers in Genetics . 2018   9 : 171

Bao Weihong, Dawei Lia, Xinwei Li* . DNA barcoding of Actinidia (Actinidiaceae) using internal transcribed spacer, matK, rbcL and trnH-psbA, and its taxonomic implication . New Zealand Journal of Botany . 2018   56 : 360-371

Hao Wu, Hongjie Meng, Shitong Wang, Xinzeng Wei*, Mingxi Jiang . Geographic patterns and environmental drivers of seed traits of a relict tree species . Forest Ecology and Management . 2018   422 : 422:59-68