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Yuepeng Han
Highest Education  
   Ph D
   Wuhan Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences No.1 Moshan Road Wuhan 430074 China
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Education and Appointments:

2008 - present: Professor, Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

2004 - 2008: Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, USA

2001 - 2004: Ph.D candidate, Crop genetics and breeding, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China

1998 - 2001: Master candidate, Crop genetics and breeding, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China

1993 - 2008: Research assistant, Institute of Agricultural Science, Yangzhou, China

1989 - 1993: Undergraduate, Agronomy, Jingsu Agricultural College, Jiangsu, China

Research Interest:

Fruit tree genomics, particularly in genetic basis and molecular mechanism of fruit quality.

Public Services:

2012 - present: Editorial board member, PLoS ONE 

2008 - present: Associate Editor, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 

2010 - present: Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Plant Science 


2016: Outstanding middle-aged and young expert in Hubei province; Li Lairong Horticultural Research Fellowship, Plant & Food Research Institute, New Zealand

1999: The third class of Scientific & Technological reward, the People’s Government of Jianshu Province, P.R.China 

1998: The third class of Scientific & Technological reward, the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, P.R.China 

Seleted Publications:

Wang W, Zhou H, Ma B, Owiti A, Korban SS, Han YP* (2016) Divergent evolutionary pattern of sugar transporter genes is associated with the difference in sugar accumulation between grasses and eudicots. Scientific Reports 6: 29153

Vimolmangkang S, Deng X, Owiti A, Meelaph T, Ogutu C, Han YP* (2016) Evolutionary origin of the NCSI gene subfamily encoding norcoclaurine synthase is associated with the biosynthesis of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids in plants. Scientific Reports 6: 26323

Wang L, Peng Q, Zhao J, Ren F, Zhou H, Wang W, Liao L, Owiti A, Jiang Q, Han YP* (2016) Evolutionary origin of Rosaceae-specific active non-autonomous hAT elements and their contribution to gene regulation and genomic structural variation. Plant Molecular Biology 91: 179-191

Cheng J, Liao L, Zhou H, Gu C, Wang L, Han YP* (2015) A small indel mutation in an anthocyanin transporter causes variegated colouration of peach flowers. Journal of Experimental Botany 66: 7227-7239

Zhou H, Lin-Wang K, Wang H, Gu C, Dare AP, Espley RV, He H, Allan AC, Han YP* (2015) Molecular genetics of blood-fleshed peach reveals activation of anthocyanin biosynthesis by NAC transcription factors. Plant Journal 82: 105–121

Ma B, Liao L, Zheng H, Chen J, Wu B, Ogutu C, Li S, Korban SS, Han YP* (2015) Genes encoding aluminum-activated malate transporter II and their association with fruit acidity in apple. Plant Genome 8: 1-14

Zhou Y, Zhou H, Lin-Wang K, Vimolmangkang S, Espley RV, Wang L, Allan AC, Han YP* (2014) Transcriptome analysis and transient transformation suggest an ancient duplicated MYB transcription factor as a candidate gene for leaf red coloration in peach. BMC Plant Biology 14: 388

Cheng J, Wei G, Zhou H, Gu C, Vimolmangkang S, Liao L, Han YP* (2014) Unraveling the mechanism underlying the glycosylation and methylation of anthocyanins in peach. Plant Physiology 166: 1044-1058

Wang L, Zhao S, Gu C, Zhou Y, Zhou H, Ma J, Cheng J, Han YP* (2013) Deep RNA-Seq uncovers the peach transcriptome landscape. Plant Molecular Biology 83: 365-377

Zhang Q, Ma B, Li H, Chang Y, Han Y, Li J, Wei G, Zhao S, Khan MA, Zhou Y, Gu C, Zhang X, Han Z, Korban SS, Li S, Han YP* (2012) Identification, characterization, and utilization of genome-wide simple sequence repeats to identify a QTL for acidity in apple. BMC Genomics 13: 537

Han YP*, Vimolmangkang S, Soria-Guerra RE, Korban SS (2012) Introduction of apple ANR genes into tobacco inhibits expression of both CHI and DFR genes in flowers, leading to loss of anthocyanin. J Exp Bot 63: 2437-2447

Han YP, Zheng D, Vimolmangkang S, Khan MA, Beever JE, Korban SS (2011) Integration of physical and genetic maps in apple confirms whole-genome and segmental duplications in the apple genome. J Exp Bot 62:5117-5130

Han YP, Korban SS (2010) Stategies for Map-Based Cloning in Apple.Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences.29:265-284

Han YP, Vimolmangkang S, Soria-Guerra RE, Rosales-Mendoza S,  Zheng D,  Lygin AV and Korban SS (2010) Ectopic expression of apple F3'H genes contributes to anthocyanin accumulation in the Arabidopsis tt7 mutant grown under nitrogen stress. Plant Physiol 153(2): 806-820

Han YP, Gasic K, Korban SS (2007) Multiple-copy cluster-type organization and evolution of genes encoding O-methyltransferases in apple. Genetics 176:2625-2635

Supported Projects:

1) National Natural Science Foundation of China (31672134), Functinal characterization and regulatory mechanism of a peach PpOA3 gene involved in the regulation of fruit acidity, 2017-2020;

2) National Natural Science Foundation of China (31420103914), Genome wide association studies and construction of genetic regulatory networks for soluble sugar and organic acid accumulation in apple fruit, 2015-2019;

3) National Natural Science Foundation of China (31372048), Association mapping of vacuolar H+-ATPase and putative regulatory genes in genomic regions harboring QTLs for fruit acidity and their functional analysis, 2014-1017.