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Zhijun Lu
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1. Wu H, Franklin S, Liu JM, Lu ZJ*.  2017. Relative importance of density dependence and topography on tree mortality in a subtropical mountain forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 384: 169-179. 

2. Wang QG, Punchi-Manage R, Lu ZJ*, Franklin S, Wang ZH, Li YQ, Chi XL, Bao DC, Guo YL, Lu JM, Xu YZ, Qiao XJ, Jiang MX. 2016. Effects of topography on structuring species assemblages in a subtropical forest. Journal of Plant Ecology, DOI:10.1093/jpe/rtw047, online. 

3. Wang W, Franklin S, Lu ZJ* and Rude BJ. 2016. Delayed Flowering in Bamboo: Evidence from Fargesia qinlingensis in the Qinling Mountains of China. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7 (151): DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00151. 

4. Rayle CM, Franklin S, Lu ZJ*. 2015. Relationship between bamboo dominance and fire in the Qinling Mountains of China. Science China-Earth Sciences, 58: 1182-1190.  

5. Guo YL, Lu ZJ*, Wang QG, Xu YZ, Zhang KH, Bao DC, Qiao XJ, Huang HD, Jiang MX. 2015. Detecting negative density dependence from spatial patterns in a heterogeneous subtropical forest of central China. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 45: 710-720.  

6. Guo YL, Lu JM, Franklin S, Wang QG, Xu YZ, Zhang KH, Bao DC, Qiao XJ, Huang HD, Lu ZJ*, and Jiang MX. 2013. Spatial distribution of tree species in a species-rich subtropical mountain forest in central China. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 43: 826–835.  

7. Lu ZJ, Li LF, Jiang MX, Huang HD and Bao DC. 2010. Can the soil seed bank contribute to revegetation of the draw-down zone in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region? Plant Ecology, 209: 153-165.   

8. Lu ZJ and Ma KP. 2006. Spread of the exotic croftonweed (Eupatorium adenophorum) across southwest China along roads and streams. Weed Science, 54: 1068-1072.  

9. Lu ZJ and Ma KP. 2005. Scale dependent relationships between native plant diversity and the invasion of crofton-weed (Eupatorium adenophorum) in southwest China. Weed Science, 53: 600-604. 

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