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Xiujuan Qiao
   Associate professor
Highest Education  
   Wuhan Botanical Garden,Chinese Academy of Sciences Address: Moshan,Wuchang,Wuhan,P.R.China Postcode: 430074
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Seleted Publications:

Lu J.M., Johnson D.J., Qiao X.J.Lu Z.J., Wang Q.G., Jiang M.X. 2015. Density dependence and habitat preference shape seedling survival in a subtropical forest in central China. Journal of Plant Ecology, 8,568-577. 

Qiao X.J., Li Q.X., Jiang Q.H., Lu J.M., Wang Q.G., Tang Z.Y., Franklin S.B., Zhang J.X., Lu Z.J., Bao D,C., Guo Y.L., Xu Y.Z., Jiang M.X.* 2015. Determines of the beta diversity in a subtropical forest in central China. Scientific Reports, 5, 17043. 

Qiao X.J., Jabot F., Tang Z.Y., Jiang M.X., Fang J.Y. 2015. A latitudinal gradient in tree community assembly processes evidenced in forests of China. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 24(3):314-323. 

Qiao X.J., Tang Z.Y., Shen Z.H., Fang J.Y., 2012. What causes geographical variation in the species-area relationships? A test from forests in China. Ecography 35: 1110-1116 .

Qiao X.J., Wang S.P., Tang Z.Y., Fang J.Y., 2012. Effects of community structure on the species-area relationship in China’s forests. Ecography 35: 1117-1123. 

Wang S.P., Tang Z.Y., Qiao X.J., Shen Z.H., Wang X.P., Zheng C.Y., Fang J.Y., 2012. The influence of species pools and local processes on the community structure: a test case with woody plant communities in China’s mountains. Ecography 35: 1168-1175.  

Qiao X.J., Tang Z.Y., Fang J.Y., Anwar Mohammat. 2011. Species-area relationships in the southern and northern slope of Tianshan Mountains. Arid Zone Research 28: 54-59. (In Chinese with English abstracts) 

Liu Y.N., Qiao X.J.,Tang Z.Y. 2010. Exploring of mechanisms of biodiversity pattern. Chinese Journal of Nature 32: 260-266. (In Chinese with English abstracts) 

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Qiao X.J., Cao M., Lin H., 2007. Caloric values allocation of dominant species in four secondary forests at different ages in Xishuangbanna, southwest China. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, 31(2):326332.(In Chinese with English abstracts) 

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